Friday, September 08, 2006

Susan, you owe me and Barbara. We got your back!

Hi Everyone,

I am really enjoying the Labor Day weekend. I almost went to the Longhorns game, but I didn't remember to score any free tickets this week from UT, which gives them away like candy to judges and other elected officials in the hopes that we will scratch their backs when they get to our courtrooms. I figured Barbara would have some, since she ALWAYS seems to remember to hit up UT for the free tickets. I read in the Statesman today that "Judge Barbara Hervey of the Texas Court of Crimina Appeals said she accepted 26 tickets (to UT football games), including 10 for free". Anyhow, Barbara didn't have any tickets this weekend, so I missed the game. You owe me Barbara. Next weekend, call Susan and let's all get together.

Speaking of scratching backs, me and Barbara had to swat down an attempt to get our pal Susan Reed removed from heading the investigation into the Ruben Cantu fiasco in San Antonio. Some defense attorney for a street punk filed a motion wanting an independent prosecutor appointed to look into the case and to have Susan removed because when she was a judge, before becoming Bexar County DA, she had reviewed one of Cantu's appeals and set his execution date. It took Barbara and me about two minutes to round up support on the court for dismissing the motion and letting Susan continue to lead the investigation.

No way was I or Barbara going to remove any DA, and especially not Susan, from doing an investigation, no matter what anyone says about a conflict of interest. The support of district attorneys is one of the reasons I got elected. Shout out to Jack Skeen and David Dobbs for contributing money to my campaign back in the day. Jack is a dear friend and the Smith County DA. David is his assistant DA. They rock! Jack wrote a letter to Gov Perry in 2002 urging Rick in the strongest terms possible to "DENY the request of Judge Cynthia Kent to commute Napoleon Beazley's sentence to life." His letter was in response to a letter from State District Judge Cynthia Stevens Kent, who presided over Beazley's 1995 trial, asking that his sentence be commuted to life imprisonment. Of course, Rick did not commute the sentence and we were able to get Beazley juiced up and six feet under before the Supreme Court banned executions of juvenile offenders in 2005. Damn federal courts. How many times do I have to say it, stop overruling me! Smith County is also the DA office that was responsible for the wrongful conviction of Kerry Cook. He is another one that got away, just like Ernest Willis. Cook spent 20 years on death row, then got exonerated and was released. I voted to keep him on death row and kill him, but a federal court overruled me. Damn federal court.

So what was I saying? Oh yea. Susan Reed is one of ours. We are going to protect her. She has contributed money to the campaigns of Rick Perry, David Dewhurst, Elizabeth Jones, Gregg Abbot, and the Bexar County Republican Women PAC. On August 8, 2005 Susan Reed gave $250 to the Bexar County Republican Women PAC. In turn, the Bexar County Republican Women PAC gave Judge Barbara Hervey $950 on June 15, 2006. They even gave me $300 back in 2000. What was it that Deep Throat said to Woodward, "Just follow the money", lol. What goes around comes around. Republicans Rule! Susan, we got your back!


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