Friday, September 08, 2006

20 Hamburgers you must eat before you die

My Daddy, Jack Keller, started a family restaurant in Dallas in 1950 called Keller's Drive-in. It's still going strong. That's Daddy in the picture.

Someone sent me a link to an article in GQ magazine called, "The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die", which named a hamburger at my Daddy's restaurant as the 10th best burger in the country. According to the article, "the hamburger is a symbol of everything that makes America great. Straightforward, egalitarian, substantial, and good-natured, it is also a little bloody at times". Isn't that hilarious? It describes me exactly, straightforward and a little bloody. FATFLOL.

I wonder if anyone I helped get executed in Texas ever made a last request of a Keller's Drive-in burger. They should, it's bloody good, but they probably can't anyhow. A little known secret is that the last meal in Texas is not anything you want. It's whatever they have in the prison kitchen that comes close to being what you want. And if you order, "Justice" as your last meal, like a smartass, well, then you just die, er I mean go to sleep, hungry.

Go eat a burger. Tell Jack, his bloody daughter sent you. ;-)

Keller's Drive-In
6537 E. Northwest Highway, 214-368-1209 and 10554 Harry Hines Blvd., 214-357-3572


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