Friday, September 08, 2006

Welcome to the internets (ha ha)

Welcome to my internet, lol, just kidding, do you think all of us Republicans are as out of it as Sen. Stevens of Alaska. His staff keeps sending him internets that he can't read because his pipes are full. I don't know what he's been smoking. My staff kept sending me invitations to get on the internets, so now I did.

Seriously, I am not going to have a real campaign, since this is Texas, and I am a Republican on the Court of Criminal Appeals, so I am going to win anyhow. Instead of going out on the campaign trail, I thought I would do a virtual campaign, it's better for the environment that way, and I luv those little salamander critters in Barton Springs.

I can't discuss internal judicial deliberations on here, but I got to say what is up with those people complaining that the CCA has had a death penalty case involving Gabriel Gonzales for six years without ruling on the case. I mean some cases take longer than others, give me a break. In the end, everyone knows what we are going to do anyhow. And the prolonged lull has nothing to do with political or personal agendas. We do not do politics on this court. We affirm human rights. It is a violation of human rights not to allow the state to carry out sentences of death and I am here to make sure that those sentences are carried out. Executions are the sign of a healthy society.


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Blogger peter said...

I am very Kenneth Fosters' sentence is commuted. The next step is to impeach Sharon Keller. When this killerlady is not removed there will be no justice in Texas.

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